To Stage, or Not to Stage?

    Staircase After Staging
    After Staging

    To Stage, or Not to Stage? That is the Question

    Whether ’tis nobler in the wallet to suffer

    the Home Inspection Requests of Outrageous Buyers!

    Or to take arms against a sea of troublesome repairs

    and through updates and Staging, to end them…


    Shakespearean Parody aside – this is a question we are asked frequently, and the answer really depends on the Property and the Seller’s unique circumstances. Generally homes sell faster and for a better price after staging than they do with no staging at all. This is because Staged Homes offer the “WOW” factor that every Buyer is seeking. People generally don’t buy a home because they like it. They buy a home because they fall in love with the idea of living there.

    Here are 3 things to consider when Staging Your Home

    1. Your home: What updates have you done since you moved in? What needs fixing that you haven’t gotten around to yet? If you were the Buyer, what would you want fixed before you moved in?
    2. Your Competition: In the District, Maryland and Virginia there is a lot of New Construction. In many areas our Sellers have to compete with New Homes. Model homes always look like they came out of a magazine because Builders hire interior decorators to evoke an emotional response through Staging.
    3. Your Budget: Your home may be 3 years old or 30 years old and the amount of adjustments needed can vary a great deal. For some Sellers a consultation, de-cluttering and re-arranging of furnishings is all that is needed. For others painting, replacing carpet, updating counter-tops, and renting furniture is needed to truly WOW a potential Buyer.

    The ultimate goal to bring you top dollar for your home is to have the Buyer walk in and be “Wowed”. Staging has made this possible for our clients.

    Here’s one of our Favorite Home Transformations

    Dining Room & Living Room After Staging.

    Staged Photos  familyroom-after

    Dining Room, Living Room and Staircase Before Staging.

    diningroom-before familyroom-before   staircase-before

    If you would like to know what Staging can do for you, click this link to be connected with one of our Listing Specialists. We will schedule a free consultation to discuss your unique situation.


    The “Before” photos above were provided by our talented Stagers Anita and Aliza at RoomAntics Interiors.

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