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    Welcome to Ashburn, VA! Ashburn’s beginnings can be traced back to the 1720’s and the area was originally referred to as Farmwell or Farmwell Station.  George Lee, a decendant of the original land owner, Thomas Lee, referred to the 1,236 acre parcel as Farmwell in his will. In 1841, a portion of the land was purchased by Quaker Lawyer and almost Vice President John Janney as a summer home.  He named the area Ashburn Farm after a family friend with the last name ‘Ashburn’. The land was later home to Senator William Morris Stewart.  Ashburn went from an agricultural village to a commercial hub with the arrival of the railroad in 1860 and also served as a summer retreat for people escaping the heat of the city.  
    Ashburn is a mixture of rural and suburban atmospheres, and is located 30 miles west of Washington, DC in Loudoun County, Virginia.  This location is nearby to Washington Dulles International Airport and the cities of Leesburg and Sterling. It is also home to the Washington Redskins football training camp, the Verizon corporate office, the National Crash Analysis Center and the Old Dominion Brewing Company. 
    With shopping centers, parks, countless eateries and nearby hotspots in neighboring cities and D.C., Ashburn makes for a serene place to live or raise a family. Loudon County is part of Virginia’s Hunt Country and has a number of horse farms. Loudoun’s population is the fastest growing of all counties in the United States, and Ashburn has over 50,000 residents.  Ashburn consists of  fifteen public elementary schools, six public middle schools and four public high schools as well as several private institution, three Higher Learning Campuses and two universities.

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